Looking for more Dutch guests or visitors?

Welcome to Promosure!

Promosure is a Dutch marketing and communication specialist for the leisure market. We help leisure organizations like:

  • hotels
  • holiday parks
  • amusement / family / theme parks
  • zoos
  • museums
  • restaurants
  • etcetera, etcetera

both in the Netherlands and abroad with their marketing and communication efforts on the Dutch market.

Promosure is specialized in
direct result marketing activities
we market your organization in the Netherlands with activities that lead to direct results, like direct-response advertising (coupons), joint promotions with suitable partners, special events and the optimal use of (internet) booking agents and touroperators;

promotional communication
we communicate your message and promote your organization in the Netherlands by using free publicity, social media, press releases and advertising.

If you want more Dutch guests or visitors and communicate more effectively with consumers in the Netherlands,
Promosure is your partner to do it!